Interpretations of Curriculum (The Material of Curriculum Development’s Class)

Curriculum is:

  •  that which is taught in school
  •  a set of subjects
  •  content
  •  a program of studies
  •  a set of materials
  •  a sequence of courses
  •  a set of performance objectives
  • a cuorse of studies
  • everything that goes on with in the school, including extraclass activities, guidance, and interpersonal relationships.
  • that wich is taugh both inside and outside of school directed by the school.
  • everything that is planned by school personnel.
  • a series of experiences undergone by leaners in school.
  • that which an individual learner experiences as a result of schooling.

(Peter F. Oliva, 1982, Developing the Curriculum, Little, Brown and Company, Boston, p. 5-6)

§UUSPN: Kurikulum adalah seperangkat rencana dan pengaturan mengenai tujuan, isi dan bahan pelajaran serta cara yang digunakan sebagai pedoman penyelenggaraan kegiatan pembelajaran untuk mencapai tujuan pendidikan tertentu.


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